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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
ISX SKTA Kharkh Tour Amuz.. (ISX) IQD 5.41 349,958
ISX BGUC Gulf Commercial .. (ISX) IQD 0.53 138,032
ISX HKAR Karbala Hotels (ISX) IQD 1.65 87,434
ISX BUND United Bank (ISX) IQD 0.40 81,995
ISX BIBI Investment Bank .. (ISX) IQD 0.67 77,761
ISX BBAY Babylon Bank (ISX) IQD 0.45 61,251
ISX BBOB Bank of Baghdad (ISX) IQD 1.07 56,802
ISX HNTI National for Tou.. (ISX) IQD 8.61 53,160
ISX BIME Iraq Middle East.. (ISX) IQD 0.60 43,486
ISX BEFI Economy Bank (ISX) IQD 0.59 38,548
No Future Corporate Actions
Date Company Type
07-Nov-2015 Dar Es Salaa.. (ISX) Capital Increase
18-Apr-2015 Karkh Tour A.. (ISX) Capital Increase
26-Feb-2015 Dijlah and F.. (ISX) Capital Increase
25-Feb-2015 Elaf Islamic.. (ISX) Capital Increase
02-Nov-2014 Elaf Islamic.. (ISX) Capital Increase
22-Sep-2014 Babylon Hote.. (ISX) Capital Increase
13-Sep-2014 Gulf Commerc.. (ISX) Capital Increase
07-Sep-2014 Babylon Bank (ISX) Capital Increase
Date Company Status
28-Jul-2016 Commercial Bank of Iraq Completed
03-Mar-2016 Iraq International Insurance Completed
26-Dec-2013 National Bank of Iraq Offically Announced
19-Aug-2013 Amira Hydrocarbons Wasit B.V Completed