decypha MENA Institutional Intelligence
  • Decypha is a web financial intelligence platform giving unique insight & comprehensive access to Middle East Public & Private Companies, MENA News, Markets & Asset Classes in a very user friendly manner.
  • Powered with Screeners, Analytical tools & MS Excel linking, Decypha enables Analysts, Advisors, Investment Bankers & Managers to quickly and deeply find, aggregate, organize & consume the data they are looking for, thus saving them effort, time and money.

Features and Benefits:

  • A dedicated content management team of 100+ analysts supported by 40 Mubasher Journalists stationed in Middle East Major Hubs
  • Mubasher live news stream covering MENA and major international news
  • Database of 40,000+ Private Companies across the Middle East and North Africa including Directors and key Officers with frequent updates and several 100s of standardized financial statements
  • Comprehensive aggregated news coverage - 100+ 3rd party news providers including leading Business news providers in the region
  • 1,600+ Publicly Listed Companies with Full 360 view, including Disclosures, Financials & Ratios, Related News & Research and more In-depth coverage of corporate structures, management, investments, shareholders information
  • 45+ Ratios & Multiples (Available for Public Companies & for Private with Financials)
  • 90+ Research & Report Providers with 500+ Third Party Reports & Researches Published Every month
  • Screen Companies (Public & Private) using a wide range of criteria, build your list and export to excel
  • Comprehensive MENA Funds Coverage
  • Dynamic Excel Add in to extract and feed data into Excel
  • Exclusive on-request services provided to the Clients, free of charge

  • Fixed Income: List of issued bonds and Sukuk by companies and its subsidiaries.
  • Money Market: Full coverage for Treasury Bills in MENA region; listing rates, auction details as well as upcoming issuances.
  • Commodities: Wide coverage for international commodities with real-time prices and news.
  • Currencies: Spot live prices and News related to currencies.
  • IPOs and M&A: Extensive coverage for IPOs and M&A in the region for both listed and unlisted companies.
  • Market Moving News: From Global & Regional prestigious 3rd party providers, besides Decypha & Mubasher.
  • People Profiles: You can view any key person that is related to company management, owners or even someone who is mentioned in a news article.
  • Macroeconomic Indicators: Indicators for all countries in the world are supported with relevant reports and disclosures including key organizations in MENA countries.
  • Link with Excel: Decypha has Excel Add-Ins that can be downloaded on the system and can be used to retrieve real-time information on an Excel file.

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Coverage Domain

Decypha covers all Middle East and North Africa Countries & Exchanges.

SUPPORT : from a well-trained and responsive team, we tailor our support to your needs. Want to add a new company or enhance the information of an existing one? Contact our support team with your request and we will deliver your requirement within less than 48 hours