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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
TDWL 1150 Al Inma Bank (TDWL) SAR 14.90 106,693,174
TDWL 2010 Sabic (TDWL) SAR 96.75 88,963,207
TDWL 1120 Al Rajhi Bank (TDWL) SAR 63.50 42,882,062
TDWL 1810 Al Tayyar (TDWL) SAR 30.70 25,844,585
DFM GFH GFH Financial Gr.. (DFM) AED 2.370 22,218,031
TDWL 1020 Bank Al Jazira (TDWL) SAR 15.45 21,135,484
TDWL 4300 Dar Al Arkan (TDWL) SAR 5.95 17,544,341
TDWL 2380 Petro Rabigh (TDWL) SAR 12.75 16,250,908
ADX FGB FGB (ADX) AED 12.95 15,096,708
TDWL 6010 Nadec (TDWL) SAR 29.30 13,506,742
Ex-D. Date Company Type
30-Mar-2017 Mohandes Insurance Stock Split
04-Apr-2017 Commercial International Bank - Egypt Cash Dividend
06-Apr-2017 Saudi Egyptian Investment and Finance Cash Dividend
06-Apr-2017 Saudi Egyptian Investment and Finance Cash Dividend
09-Apr-2017 Arabia Investments, Development and Financial Investement Holding Co Right Issue
10-Apr-2017 Cairo Poultry Cash Dividend
11-Apr-2017 Arab Moltaqa Investments Cash Dividend
11-Apr-2017 Egyptian Arabian Themar Securities Brokerage Cash Dividend
12-Apr-2017 Egypt Kuwait Holding Cash Dividend
16-Apr-2017 Utopia Cash Dividend
Date Company Type
09-May-2017 Doha Bank QS.. (QE) Capital Increase
03-May-2017 United Insur.. (ADX) Capital Increase
11-Apr-2017 Bank Al Etih.. (ASE) Capital Increase
09-Apr-2017 Rumm Financi.. (ASE) Capital Increase
06-Apr-2017 MM Group For.. (EGX) IPO
04-Apr-2017 MM Group For.. (EGX) IPO
29-Mar-2017 Food Resourc.. (TDWL) --
28-Mar-2017 Noor Capital.. (ASE) Capital Increase