People based in United Kingdom

Name Biography
Ms Isabel Scott Ms Isabel Scott is Affiliate And Partnerships Manager at Group plc.
Mr Abbie M. Mr Abbie M. is Head Of Client Partnerships at Group plc.
Mr Mike Gwynne Mr Mike Gwynne is Head Of Engineering Services at Group plc.
Mr James Rumble Mr James Rumble is Information Security Manager at Group plc.
Mr Gareth Kloet Mr Gareth Kloet is Director Of Partnerships at Group plc.
Mr Dan Evans Mr Dan Evans is Director Of Engineering at Group plc.
Mr Gurvinder Sandhu Mr Gurvinder Sandhu is Head Of User Experience And Research at Group plc.
Ms Angela Seymour-Jackson Ms Angela Seymour-Jackson is Deputy Chairman at Group plc.
Mr Matthew Kang Mr Matthew Kang is a Chief Operating Officer at Systema Nova Ltd.
Mr Christophe . Mr Christophe is a Founder at Systema Nova Ltd.
Mr Stephane Mardel Mr Stephane Mardel is a Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Systema Nova Ltd.
Mr Pierre Martini Mr Pierre Martini is Managing Partner at ISAI.
Mr Antoine Lacour Mr Antoine Lacour is Partner at ISAI.
Ms Nelly Barbault Ms Nelly Barbault is Operations Director at ISAI.
Mr Shuaib Yunus Mr Shuaib Yunus is Head Of Engineering at IslamicFinanceGuru.
Ms Caroline Craker Ms Caroline Craker is Head Of Product at IslamicFinanceGuru.
Mr Jack Coates Mr Jack Coates is Product Owner - Ifg Fund Replicator at IslamicFinanceGuru.
Mr Isma'Il Mustafa Mr Isma'Il Mustafa is Head Of Operations at IslamicFinanceGuru.
Mr Muhammad Altalib Mr Muhammad Altalib is Product Owner at IslamicFinanceGuru.
Mr Mohsin Patel Mr Mohsin Patel is Co-Founder at IslamicFinanceGuru.