People based in Saudi Arabia

Name Biography
Mr Alok H Kumar Mr Alok H Kumar is the Founder at Leap App
Mr Ahmed Tajuddin Mr Ahmed Tajuddin is a Vice President of Project Management at Thmanyah.
Mr Abdul Qaddoos Alhaj Hussein Mr Abdul Qaddoos Alhaj Hussein is a Vice President of Human Resources at Thmanyah.
Mr Asim Jamil Mr Asim Jamil is a Co-Founder & CEO at Tracking
Mr Rayan Alfaadehli Mr Rayan Alfaadehli is a Key Account Manager at Mrsool.
Mr Mohammed Alshalawi Mr Mohammed Alshalawi is a Legal and Compliance Manager at Mrsool.
Mr Abdulrahman Abumalih Mr Abdulrahman Abumalih is a Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Thmanyah.
Mr Mohamad Elatrash Mr Mohamad Elatrash is Co Founder & CCO at Diggipacks.
Mr Bimal Kumar Mr Bimal Kumar is the Product Manager at FASTCOO
Mr Hasan Jabarti Mr Hasan Jabarti is the Co-Founder at FASTCOO, He is also an Advisory Board Member at Tracking
Mr Amin El Atrash Mr Amine Al Atrash is Co Founder & COO at Diggipacks.
Mr Ziyad Alhomaid Mr Ziyad Alhomaid is Chief Operating Officer at Mrsool.
Mr Amine Al-Atrash Mr Amine Al-Atrash Co-Founder & Board Member at FASTCOO
Ms Zahra Maher Al Namer Ms Zahra Maher Al Namer is Product Manager at B8ak
Mr Azzam jawabreh Mr Azzam jawabreh is Operations Manager at B8ak
Mr Khalid Alhmili Mr Khalid Alhmili is Chief Executive Officer at B8ak
Mr Neil Smith Mr Neil Smith is a Cheif Innovation Officer and Founder of FalconViz.
Mr Ibrahim Alfahl Mr brahim Alfahl is a Partner at Sarahah.
Mr Abdulrhman Alsubaie Mr Abdulrhman Alsubaie is a Chief Operations Officer of a Ngwah.
Mr Hani Alzahrani Mr Hani Alzahrani is a Co Founder at Sarahah.