People based in Kuwait

Name Biography
Mr Ahmed Fouad Mr. Ahmed Fouad is Chief Financial Officer at Kuwait Resources House For Human Resources Management and Services Co.
Ms Nataliya Tannous Ms. Nataliya Tannous is Recruitment Specialist at ME CAREER Recruitment.
Mr Mohamed Al Debaawy Mr. Mohamed Al Debaawy is Managing Director at ME CAREER Recruitment.
Mr Asif K. Mr. Asif K. is Recruitment Business Partner at Jobs Middle East.
Ms Ghina K. Mossolly Ms. Ghina K. Mossolly is Branch Manager at Eurotech Group.
Mr Bassem Jawad Mr. Bassem Jawad is Head Of Marketing Communications at Eurotech Group.
Mr Fadi Jawad Mr. Fadi Jawad is Founder & CEO at Eurotech Group.
Ms Aisha Al Wayel Ms. Aisha Al Wayel is Founder & CEO at Aspire Web.
Ms Sarah Sarab Ms. Sarah Sarab is Operations Manager at Aspire Web.
Mr Asim Rais Khan Mr. Asim Rais Khan is Consulting Partner at HR Plus Consultancy.
Mr Abdulmohsen Al Ali Mr. Abdulmohsen Al Ali is Managing Partner and Head of Operations at HR Plus Consultancy.
Mr Mohanan V. Mr. Mohanan V. is Recruitment Executive Manager at HR Plus Consultancy.
Mr Furquan Shamer Mr. Furquan Shamer is Human Resources Coordinator at
Ms Fatimathul Zehra Mr. Fatimathul Zehra is Recruiting Manager at
Ms Suzan Jrab Ms. Suzan Jrab is Head of Talent Acquisition at Talent Capital.
Ms Lusine Gevorgyan Ms. Lusine Gevorgyan is Quality Manager at Talent Capital.
Mr Khalid Taj Mr. Khalid Taj is Managing Director at Talent Capital.
Mr Salah Fayad Mr. Salah Fayad is Partner at Talent Capital.
Mr Ahmad El Halabi Mr. Ahmad El Halabi is Managing Director at Talent Capital.
Mr Khaled Fawzy Al Salem Mr. Khaled Fawzi Al Salem is The Deputy Chief Treasury Officer at Warba Bank