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Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
ASE ARBK Arab Bank (ASE) JOD 6.14 913,747
ASE JOST Jordan Steel (ASE) JOD 0.57 690,794
ASE UINV Union Investment.. (ASE) JOD 1.55 503,185
ASE SURA Sura (ASE) JOD 0.69 492,807
ASE RUMM Rum Tourist (ASE) JOD 0.72 426,001
ASE ARGR AJIG (ASE) JOD 0.62 424,980
ASE REDV Real Estate Deve.. (ASE) JOD 0.52 420,205
ASE JOPH Phosphate Mines (ASE) JOD 2.70 407,424
ASE AEIV Arab East Invest.. (ASE) JOD 0.69 384,235
ASE TAMR Taameer Jordan H.. (ASE) JOD 0.43 344,737
Ex-D. Date Company Type
30-Apr-2017 Jordan Petroleum Refinery Co Cash Dividend
30-Apr-2017 First Finance - Jordan Cash Dividend
30-Apr-2017 Jordan Telecom Cash Dividend
30-Apr-2017 Bank Al Etihad Cash Dividend
30-Apr-2017 Ittihad Schools Cash Dividend
30-Apr-2017 Arab Jordan Investment Bank Cash Dividend
30-Apr-2017 General Mining Co Reducing Shares
30-Apr-2017 Darat Jordan Holdings Reducing Shares
30-Apr-2017 Jordan Electric Power Bonus Shares
30-Apr-2017 Jordan Electric Power Cash Dividend
Date Company Type
16-May-2017 The Consulta.. (ASE) Capital Increase
26-Apr-2017 Rumm Financi.. (ASE) Capital Increase
13-Apr-2017 General Mini.. (ASE) Capital Increase
11-Apr-2017 Bank Al Etih.. (ASE) Capital Increase
02-Apr-2017 Arab Center .. (ASE) Capital Increase
02-Apr-2017 Arabian Avia.. (ASE) Capital Increase
30-Mar-2017 Middle East .. (ASE) Capital Increase
28-Mar-2017 Noor Capital.. (ASE) Capital Increase
Date Company Status
18-Feb-2017 Sama Food Industries Rumor
26-Jan-2017 Jordan Magnesia Co Ltd Offically Announced
04-Jan-2017 Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank Completed
24-Nov-2016 Al Salim Telecom LLC Completed
15-Nov-2016 Arab Bank PLC Rumor
08-Nov-2016 Arab Potash Co Completed
29-Sep-2016 Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Completed
25-Sep-2016 Jordan Trade Facilities PLC Completed
11-Feb-2016 Yarmouk Insurance Completed