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Sunday, January 29, 2017

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
LBBSE BLBD`REG BLOM Bank GDR (LBBSE) USD 11.35 1,182,937
ASE AMAL Al Amal Investme.. (ASE) JOD 0.84 1,132,916
ASE THMA Tuhama (ASE) JOD 1.81 782,109
ASE SURA Sura (ASE) JOD 0.49 395,142
ASE ARBK Arab Bank (ASE) JOD 6.17 379,782
ASE SPIC SPIC (ASE) JOD 1.28 316,365
LBBSE SOLA`REG Solidere A (LBBSE) USD 9.75 271,292
ISX BMFI Mosul Bank (ISX) IQD 0.53 250,788
ASE JOIB Jordan Islamic B.. (ASE) JOD 3.81 225,128
ASE SABK SABAEK (ASE) JOD 0.48 203,318
Ex-D. Date Company Type
09-Feb-2017 National Portfolio Securities Reducing Shares
28-Mar-2017 The Jordan Worsted Mills Co Cash Dividend
Date Company Type
22-Jan-2017 Arab Union I.. (ASE) Capital Increase
28-Dec-2016 El Zay Ready.. (ASE) Capital Increase
19-Dec-2016 Bank Al Etih.. (ASE) Capital Increase
08-Dec-2016 Century Inve.. (ASE) Capital Increase
04-Dec-2016 Rumm Financi.. (ASE) Capital Increase
01-Nov-2016 Jordan Chemi.. (ASE) Capital Increase
30-Jun-2016 Sheba Metal .. (ASE) Capital Increase
05-Apr-2016 Comprehensiv.. (ASE) Capital Increase
Date Company Status
04-Jan-2017 Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank Completed
24-Nov-2016 Al Salim Telecom LLC Completed
15-Nov-2016 Arab Bank PLC Rumor
24-Oct-2016 IFA Hotels and Resorts Holding.. Completed
25-Sep-2016 Jordan Trade Facilities PLC Completed
28-Jul-2016 Commercial Bank of Iraq Completed
03-May-2016 Palestine Commercial Bank Approved
03-Mar-2016 Iraq International Insurance Completed
11-Feb-2016 Yarmouk Insurance Completed