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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
ASE ARAV AVICO (ASE) JOD 3.92 3,568,619
ASE ARBK Arab Bank (ASE) JOD 6.00 1,813,490
ASE CEIG Century Investme.. (ASE) JOD 3.35 1,138,501
ASE THMA Tuhama (ASE) JOD 1.80 850,381
ISX BKUI Kurdistan Intern.. (ISX) IQD 1.26 766,263
ASE IDMC Ad Dulayl (ASE) JOD 0.45 652,428
ASE THDI Al Tahdith (ASE) JOD 2.59 498,924
ASE RUMM Rum Tourist (ASE) JOD 0.81 466,180
ASE JDIB Jordan Dubai Isl.. (ASE) JOD 1.19 434,933
ASE BOJX Bank of Jordan (ASE) JOD 2.91 431,778
No Future Corporate Actions
Date Company Type
21-Nov-2016 Century Inve.. (ASE) Capital Increase
01-Nov-2016 Jordan Chemi.. (ASE) Capital Increase
30-Jun-2016 Sheba Metal .. (ASE) Capital Increase
05-Apr-2016 Comprehensiv.. (ASE) Capital Increase
07-Nov-2015 Dar Es Salaa.. (ISX) Capital Increase
01-Nov-2015 Al Bilad Med.. (ASE) Capital Increase
20-Oct-2015 The Holy Lan.. (ASE) Capital Increase
13-Sep-2015 Jordan Masak.. (ASE) Capital Increase
Date Company Status
24-Nov-2016 Al Salim Telecom LLC Completed
15-Nov-2016 Arab Bank PLC Rumor
24-Oct-2016 IFA Hotels and Resorts Holding.. Completed
25-Sep-2016 Jordan Trade Facilities PLC Completed
28-Jul-2016 Commercial Bank of Iraq Completed
03-May-2016 Palestine Commercial Bank Approved
03-Mar-2016 Iraq International Insurance Completed
11-Feb-2016 Yarmouk Insurance Completed
30-Dec-2015 Jordan Kuwait Bank - Jordan Completed