Pharm Research MD Co Ltd
Country : Saudi Arabia Main Sector : Health care supplies & services Industry Title :Health Care Supplies Secondary Industry :

Pharm Research MD Co Ltd Profile
Last Review Date 02-Dec-2018

Basic Information

  • Activity :
    Pharm Research MD Co Ltd known as Pharm Research MD, is a private Co. operats within the Health Care Equipment & Supplies Sector .Pharm Research MD Established in 2007 & Based in Dammam ,Saudi Arabia.
  • Major Industry :
    Health Care Supplies
  • Secondary Industry :
  • Contact Person  :
  • Established On :
  • Pharm Research MD Co Ltd
    P.O Box 4292 ,Tower 2, 4th Floor Novotel Business Park,King Fahad Road – Al Khalidiyah Ash Shamaliyah,Unit No.: 49,Ad Dammam 32232 – 6140,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    +966 13 8590777
    +966 13 8587333


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