Emirates Building Systems LLC
Country : United Arab Emirates
Sector : Materials - Non-Chemicals
Industry : Mining & Diversified Metals
Sub-Industry :

Emirates Building Systems LLC Profile

Last Review Date 05-Oct-2016

Basic Information

  • Activity :
    Emirates Building Systems LLC (known as: Emirates Building Systems) is a private company operating within the Materials sector focusing on Steel. Emirates Building Systems is based in Dubai, UAE and was...
  • Industry Group :
    Mining & Diversified Metals
  • Sub-Industry :
  • Contact Person :
  • Established On :
  • No of Employees :
    700 Employees as of 2016
Emirates Building Systems LLC
Emirates Building Systems، P.O.Box 31396, Dubai, UAE.
+971 4 8851122
+971 4 8851211


Date Title File
EBS brings first-of-its-kind steel brace innovation to region signs MoU with US-based CoreBrace
Press release regarding EBS reinforces growth plans in Kuwait
Emirates Building Systems is seeking to achieve a growth of 10% amid rising demand and construction boom
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