Decovision LLC
Country : United Arab Emirates
Sector : Real Estate
Industry : Real Estate Development & REITs
Sub-Industry :

Decovision LLC Profile

Last Review Date 10-Dec-2019

Basic Information

  • Activity :
    Decovision Co LLC is a private company operating within the Real Estate sector focusing on Diversified Real Estate Activities. Decovision is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and was established in July 2003.
  • Industry Group :
    Real Estate Development & REITs
  • Sub-Industry :
  • Contact Person :
  • Established On :
  • No of Employees :
    590 Employees as of 2018
Decovision LLC
PO Box: 73814, M Floor, Tower 2, Vision Twin Towers, Najda St,Abu Dhabi, UAE.
+971 2 4995444
+971 2 4995400


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