Aster DM Healthcare
Country : United Arab Emirates
Sector : Health care supplies & services
Industry : Health Care Services & Technology
Sub-Industry :

Aster DM Healthcare Profile

Last Review Date 28-Sep-2016

Basic Information

  • Activity :
    Aster DM Healthcare is a private company operating within the Health Care Equipment and Services sector focusing on Health Care Services. It has 3 subsidiaries operating across UAE and India, working...
  • Industry Group :
    Health Care Services & Technology
  • Sub-Industry :
  • Contact Person :
  • Established On :
  • No of Employees :
    3,500 Employees as of 2016
Aster DM Healthcare
P.O.Box: 8703, 33rd Floor, Tower D – Aspect Towers, Executive Towers, at Bay Avenue, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
+971 4 4546001
+971 4 4546003


Date Title File
Aster DM Healthcare wins the ‘Excellence in Healthcare Sector’ Award at the Qadat Al Tagheer Awards 2016
Aster DM Healthcare "litigation employ phony companies
Aster DM Healthcare launches programme Aster @ Home "an innovative program to monitor patients with chronic diseases remotely"
Aster DM Healthcare acquires majority support Saudi Hospital shares worth 900 million UAE dirhams $ 245 million
Aster DM "and" du "to sign a memorandum of understanding to set up a system to control diabetes and high blood pressure at home
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