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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
PEX BOP Bank of Palestin.. (PEX) USD 2.53 9,989,098
DFM DUBAIPARKS Dubai Parks & Re.. (DFM) AED 1.710 5,327,764
CSE MSA Marsa Maroc (CSE) MAD 77.30 4,701,468
TDWL 1150 Al Inma Bank (TDWL) SAR 13.30 4,452,096
TDWL 8110 Wafa Insurance (TDWL) SAR 18.45 3,545,250
TDWL 2010 Sabic (TDWL) SAR 84.00 3,268,449
TDWL 1120 Al Rajhi Bank (TDWL) SAR 58.50 2,865,237
CSE TMA Total Maroc (CSE) MAD 915.00 2,834,744
TDWL 4300 Dar Al Arkan (TDWL) SAR 6.30 2,817,596
TDWL 2060 Tasnee (TDWL) SAR 14.00 2,561,544
Ex-D. Date Company Type
26-Jul-2016 Arab Valves Cash Dividend
27-Jul-2016 Modern Shorouk Printing and Packaging Cash Dividend
28-Jul-2016 Giza General Contracting and Real Estate Investment Bonus Shares
31-Jul-2016 Rubex International for Plastic and Acrylic Manufacturing Right Issue
04-Aug-2016 Industrial Engineering Company for Construction and Development Bonus Shares
04-Aug-2016 United Company for Housing and Development Bonus Shares
04-Aug-2016 Nasr Company for Civil Works Bonus Shares
04-Aug-2016 Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling Co Bonus Shares
09-Aug-2016 El Ahram for Printing and Packing Cash Dividend
09-Aug-2016 El Ahram for Printing and Packing Cash Dividend
Date Company Type
19-Jul-2016 Société d'Ex.. (CSE) IPO
13-Jul-2016 Alexandria F.. (EGX) Capital Increase
13-Jul-2016 Vertika Prog.. (EGX) Capital Increase
10-Jul-2016 El Farasha f.. (EGX) IPO
10-Jul-2016 Cleopatra Ho.. (EGX) Capital Increase
30-Jun-2016 Sheba Metal .. (ASE) Capital Increase
29-Jun-2016 Lazurde Comp.. (TDWL) IPO
29-Jun-2016 Lazurde Comp.. (TDWL) IPO
Date Company Status
21-Jul-2016 Maghreb International Publicit.. Completed
18-Jul-2016 United Group for Medical Mater.. In Progress
17-Jul-2016 Global Securities Co LLC Offically Announced
17-Jul-2016 ASCOM Carbonate and Chemical M.. Failed
13-Jul-2016 Holcim Maroc Completed
30-Jun-2016 Kindasa Water Services Co Completed
30-Jun-2016 Banque Populaire Régionale El .. Completed
29-Jun-2016 International Petroleum Invest.. Offically Announced
25-Jun-2016 AXA - Egypt Rumor