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Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
TDWL 1150 Al Inma Bank (TDWL) SAR 13.00 139,123,508
TDWL 2010 Sabic (TDWL) SAR 84.00 102,951,853
TDWL 1120 Al Rajhi Bank (TDWL) SAR 55.75 34,755,254
TDWL 4300 Dar Al Arkan (TDWL) SAR 5.85 27,557,980
DFM GFH GFH Financial Gr.. (DFM) AED 0.940 23,092,711
TDWL 2350 Saudi Kayan (TDWL) SAR 6.80 15,524,439
TDWL 8180 Al Sagr Ins (TDWL) SAR 40.90 14,512,085
TDWL 7010 STC (TDWL) SAR 56.75 14,021,253
TDWL 1810 Al Tayyar (TDWL) SAR 35.50 12,461,262
TDWL 5110 Saudi Electricit.. (TDWL) SAR 19.20 12,269,416
Ex-D. Date Company Type
30-Aug-2016 Gharbia Islamic Housing Development Cash Dividend
01-Sep-2016 Al Shams Housing and Urbanization Bonus Shares
Date Company Type
23-Aug-2016 Egyptian Iro.. (EGX) Capital Increase
23-Aug-2016 Wataniya Ins.. (TDWL) Capital Increase
18-Aug-2016 Wataniya Ins.. (TDWL) Capital Increase
07-Aug-2016 Nama Chemica.. (TDWL) Capital Increase
02-Aug-2016 Alexandria M.. (EGX) Capital Increase
02-Aug-2016 Egyptian Eth.. (EGX) IPO
02-Aug-2016 The Petroleu.. (EGX) IPO
02-Aug-2016 Sidi Kerir P.. (EGX) Capital Increase
Date Company Status
14-Aug-2016 Al Ahlia Insurance - Bahrain Offically Announced
09-Aug-2016 Aramex PJSC Completed
07-Aug-2016 Al Bilad Real Estate Investmen.. In Progress
07-Aug-2016 The United Bank Rumor
03-Aug-2016 Al Waseet Financial Business C.. In Progress
02-Aug-2016 Smaching Cleaning Services Completed
28-Jul-2016 Commercial Bank of Iraq Completed
28-Jul-2016 Investcorp Bank Offically Announced
21-Jul-2016 Maghreb International Publicit.. Completed