People based in Tunisia


Name Biography
Ms Myriam El Garci Ms Myriam El Garci is General Manager of Garci com.
Mr Belhassen Gherab Mr Belhassen Gherab is General Manager of General Textile.
Mr Mohamed Naceur Aicha Mr.mohamed Aicha is the Genaral manager of Frigobaf
Mr Spance Bedjane Mr Spance Bedjane is General Manager of Eutriko International.
Mr Chamakhi Mustapha Mr Chamakhi Mustapha is General Manager of Etablissement Chamakhi.
Mr Trabelsi Mohamed Mr Trabelsi Mohamed is General Manager of Centrale Electrique et Climatisation and General Manager of Global Lighting.
Mr Murad Rekik Taoufik Mr Murad Rekik Taoufik is General Manager of Beton Manufacture Du Sud.
Mr Zied Jomaa Mr Zied Jomaa is General Manager of Eco Pneu.
Mr Néji Mhiri Mr Néji Mhiri is Chairman of Meublatex Industries.
Mr Néji Mhiri Mr Néji Mhiri is CEO in Société d’Investissements Hôteliers El Mouradi.
Mr Adel Ghariani Mr Adel Ghariani is General Manager of Cotugrain.
Mr Mohamed Ammar Mr Mohamed AMMAR is General Manager of Steg International Services.
Ms Hedi Ksia Ms Hedi Ksia is General Manager of Attijari Placements Sicav. Prior to that Ms Ksia was also General Manager of Attijari Sicar between 01 January 2010 and 01 January 2012.
Mr Hussein Mouelhi Mr Hussein Mouelhi is Chairman of Societe du Conseil et de l'Intermediation Financiere and Chairman of Société du Conseil et de l’Intermédiation Financière. He is also General Manager of La Banque Tuniso Koweïtienne.
Mr Hafedh Sbaa Mr Hafedh Sbaa is Chairman of La Tuniso Seoudienne d’Intermédiation. He is also General Manager of Al Hifadh Sicaf. He also serves as Board Member at Tunisie Clearing. Mr Sbaa owns 19% in Al Hifadh Sicaf since December 2013. He also manager of FCP Kounouz Fund.
Mr Ali Oueslati Mr Ali Oueslati is General Manager of Banque de Tunisie SICAR.
Mr Smaoui Hammadi Mr Smaoui Hammadi is General Manager of Abdennadher Bricolage Center.
Mr Mohamed Ramzi Zarrouk Mr Mohamed Ramzi Zarrouk is General Manager of Societe de Promotion Immobiliere pour la Vente et la location.
Mr Nour El Din Meftah Mr Nour El Din Meftah is General Manager of Sodea.
Mr Skander Slama Mr Skander Slama is General Manager of Monogros.

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