People based in Lebanon


Name Biography
Mr Michel Oueiss Mr Michel Oueiss is Research Analyst at BlomInvest Bank SAL.
Mr Walid Sayegh Mr Walid Sayegh is Economist at BlomInvest Bank SAL.
Mr Amer Farhat Mr Amer Farhat is Rearch Analyst at BlomInvest Bank SAL.
Mr Majed Rachidi Mr Majed Rachidi was Equity Analyst at BlomInvest Bank SAL from march 2012 to Jan 2013
Mr Nader Ali Khedr Mr Nader Ali Khedr is Research Analyst at BlomInvest Bank SAL.
Mr Issa Frangieh Mr. Issa Frangieh is Head of Equities at BLOMINVEST BANK.
Ms Mirna Chami Ms. Mirna Chami is an Economist at BLOMINVEST BANK.
Ms Malak Hawa Ms. Malak Hawa is an Equity Analyst at BLOMINVEST BANK.
Mr David Achdjian Mr. David Achdjian is an Equity Analyst at BLOMINVEST BANK.
Ms Maya Mantach Ms. Maya Mantach is the Head of Equities atBLOMINVEST BANK.
Ms Sandra Said Ms. Sandra Said is an Equity Analyst atBLOMINVEST BANK.
Ms Carine Geagea Ms Carine Geagea is a Manager of Risk Management at Arab Reinsurance
Ms Hasna Bachacha Ms Hasna Bachacha is a Manager of Technical Accounts at Arab Reinsurance
Ms Amina Koubeissy Ms Amina Koubeissy is a Manager of Current Accounts and Collection at Arab Reinsurance
Mr Michel Medawar Mr Michel Medawar is a Manager of Information Technology at Arab Reinsurance
Mr Nader Youness Mr Nader Youness is a Manager of Administration at Arab Reinsurance
Ms Hala Saleh Ms Hala Saleh is a Manager of Human Resources at Arab Reinsurance
Mr Jean Marie Naaman Mr Jean Marie Naaman is a Manager of Technical Department at Arab Reinsurance
Mr Mohamed Hammoud Mr Mohamed Hammoud is a Manager of Underwriting at Arab Reinsurance
Mr Nehme Araman Mr Nehme Araman is a Director of Arab Reinsurance Pool at Arab Reinsurance

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