People based in Iraq

Name Biography
Mr Saad Khedr Elias Fendqly Mr.Saad Khedr Elias Fendqly is Manager of the Engineering Department at Al Mamora for Real Estate Investments Co
Mr Watheq Said Korkis Mr.Watheq Said Korkis is Managing Director at Al Sadeer Hotel
Mr Shwkat Ayoub Hnous Mr.Shwkat Ayoub Hnous is CFO at Al Sadeer Hotel
Ms Aliaa Hussien Namshi Ms.Aliaa Hussien Namshi is accounts Manager at Elaf Islamic Bank
Mr Moustafa Najm Kazm Al Frigi Mr.Moustafa Najm Kazm Al Frigi is CFO at Commercial Bank of Iraq
Ms Lilian Ethnanith Youkhna Ms.Lilian Ethnanith Youkhna is Accounts Manager at United Bank for Investment
Ms Zeina Salem Mohamed Said Ms.Zeina Salem Mohamed Said is CFO at Palestine Hotel
Ms Raghd Abd Hamza Ms.Raghd Abd Hamza is Accounts Manager at National Chemical and Plastic Industries
Ms Hamza Hassan Daza Ms.Hamza Hassan Daza is CFO at Cihan Bank for Islamic Investment and Finance
Mr Aly Saleh Mahdy Mr.Aly Saleh Mahdy is Managing Director at Al Kindi of Veterinary Vaccines Co
Mr Ayman Dawood Hussein Mr.Ayman Dawood Hussein is CFO at Al Mustashar Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance
Mr Ghassan Mohamed Al Mashhdany Mr.Ghassan Mohamed Al Mashhdany is CFO at Baghdad Soft Drinks Co.
Ms Bouchra Kamel Abd Al Ghani Ms.Bouchra Kamel Abd Al Ghani is CFO at Babylon Hotel
Mr Mahmoud Shaker Jassim Mr.Mahmoud Shaker Jassim is Managing Director at Babylon Hotel
Mr Ragd Khaled Kazem Mr.Ragd Khaled Kazem is Manager of Accounting and Finance Department at Al Qabedah Islamic Finance and Investment Bank
Mr Aly Nezar Al Hosni Mr.Aly Nezar Al Hosni is CFO at Credit Bank of Iraq
Ms Amal Aly Ms.Amal Aly is Senior Control manager at Iraqi Company for Engineering Works
Mr Zuhair Abd Al Aziz Al Hafez Mr. Zuhair Abd Al Aziz Al Hafez is Managing Director at North Bank for Finance and Investment
Mr Ahmed Nasser Abbas Mr. Ahmed Nasser Abbas is Banking Operations Manager at Al Taif Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance
Mr Moustafa Abbas Abd Aly Mr. Moustafa Abbas Abd Aly is Sharia Compliance Manager And compliance monitoring at Al Taif Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance