Vodafone Qatar connects 1st customer to 5G

Mubasher: Vodafone Qatar on Wednesday announced that it has connected the first enterprise customer - Gulf Bridge International (GBI) - to the 5G network.

Diego Camberos, COO at Vodafone Qatar, presented a 5G customer premises equipment (CPE), an equipment which is manufactured on a very limited scale worldwide, to GBI’s management, according to the telecommunication company’s statement to the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE).

The 5G network will provide GBI with broadband access at speeds that exceed 1Gbps with a user experience that is real-time and uninterrupted.

“We’re delighted that GBI is the first company to be trialing our 5G network. GBI is one of our most important partners that has been providing us with international connectivity for many years, so to play a part in further enhancing their operations through our 5G network is something we’re very proud of,” Camberos said.

On Tuesday, the telecom firm revealed that it had launched its 5G network to be the first telecom operator in the GCC nation to deploy the latest data technology evolution on its network.

The new service involves speed internet, but more significantly ultra-low latency – providing a shorter time for streaming data between two points.

Moreover, it will allow all businesses across all sectors to monitor their operations in real time.

Goods can be produced more efficiently and in a manner more responsive to consumer needs, helping to minimise waste.

By 11:52 am Qatar time, Vodafone Qatar's stock declined 0.33% at QAR 9.06. 

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