VFS TasHeel to process Saudi Arabia tourist visas in 30 countries

Riyadh – Mubasher: VFS TasHeel, an authorised visa service provider for the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has launched tourist visa services at its centres across 30 countries worldwide.

According to the new visa, applicants will be able to travel for Umrah on a tourist visa, but not during the Hajj season, according to the official Visit Saudi website.

The centres will provide convenient visa and biometric enrollment services for Saudi tourist visa applicants.

Nationals of UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria, Bahrain, Cameroon, Chad, Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Maldives, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Tajikistan can apply for a tourist visa.

The visa process is open to applicants from all nationalities, except the 49 that are eligible for a visa on arrival or e-visa.

VFS TasHeel's visa services centres, spanning the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe, will provide a full array of visa services including, dissemination of accurate visa information, application guidance, fee management, identity management with biometrics enrollment and application submission for all available visa categories.

"The increasing openness of international markets brings immense opportunities to the tourism sector – and Saudi Arabia's new policies acknowledge that tourism has an important role to play in the kingdom's social and economic development,” the spokesperson of VFS TasHeel commented.

Mubasher Contribution Time: 20-Oct-2019 12:09 (GMT)
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