UAE sees China’s Zozen 1st venture with Indian Jindal

UAE – Mubasher: The modern boiler manufacturer in China Zozen has sealed its first cooperation venture with Indian company Jindal Group in the UAE.

Jindal Group is a global leading steel magnate manufacturer and supplier of iron and steel pipe products, fittings, and accessories.

Based on this agreement, Jindal Group is expected to fulfil growing business demands through building a ductile iron plant in Abu Dhabi to expand capacity, according to a press release on Monday.

“Since the UAE has very strict environmental protection requirements, whether the boiler could meet the environmental protection standards became a key requirement. The environmental performance of Zozen boilers has been recognized internationally and is able to meet strict standards,” the press release concluded.

It is worth mentioning that boilers are part of the heat energy equipment that plays a main role in the plant's construction.

“After a contrastive analysis of international boiler markets, Jindal Group was deeply impressed by Zozen's good reputation,” the press release added.

Mubasher Contribution Time: 15-Apr-2019 08:36 (GMT)
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