UAE’s emaratech to showcase forefront solutions at Airport Show 2019

Dubai – Mubasher: emaratech, a part of the Investment Corporation Dubai (ICD), will showcase its cutting-edge technology products, including Eyen, Smart Corridor, and Next Generation Border (NGE) solution, at Airport Show 2019.

The Dubai-based technology and management consulting company plans to highlight its key product, the Smart Corridor, which aims at helping authorities ensure effective border control and ideal passenger experience at airports, according to a press release.

Smart Corridor, which captures the Iris of passengers on flights without the need to submit any identity documents, is still under operational experiment at T3 Departure due to artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and Iris recognition biometrics, emaratech indicated.

Moreover, the company will overview its latest iris recognition system ‘Eyen’ that verifies a traveller's identity in less than two seconds. Eyen is expected to be the most secure verification technology in the region. 

Emaratech will also display the Smart Trolley which enables passengers to control their personal devices and “acts as a real-time Way Finding device in the airport via an interactive 3D-map,” the release added.

The leading company in passenger experience solutions also seek to boost business in the global smart airport market expected to be worth $14.87 billion by 2021, the release highlighted.

“We [emaratech] focus first on people and then on processes. We want the UAE to play a leading role in shaping a better and smart future and enrich travel experiences, leading to the fulfilment of the paperless government objective by Smart Dubai Government,” emaratech’s director general Thani Alzaffin said.

Emaratech has been a pioneer in the fields of web-based solutions development and host automation of administrative processes in the UAE. The company’s smart Gates operates at international airports in the UAE, Jordan, and the Sultanate of Oman.

The 19th edition of the Airport Show will be held from 29 April to 1 May at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC). 

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