Tunisia: industrial exports are doing well

Exports from the industrial sector rose from 17,210.4 million dinars in the first seven months of 2017 to 21,305.2 million during the same period of 2018, posting an increase of 23.8%.

The industrial sector imported 26,802.2 MD during the first seven months of 2018 against 22,581.7 MD during the same period of 2017, up 18.7%.

Therefore, the commercial balance of the industrial sector stands at -5,497.0 MD against -5,371.3 MD in the first seven months of 2017.

This is what appeared from the latest figures from the Agency for Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII).

The rise recorded in exports is mainly due to the agri-food industries whose exports reached 2,397.7 MD, against 1,255.8 MD during the first seven months of 2017, up 90.9%.

The exports of the building materials sector, ceramics and glass, the sector of mechanical and electrical industries, textiles and clothing, leather and footwear and various industries also increased.

Industrial imports have risen for all sectors. These increases range from 0.9% for the agri-food industry to 27.3% for the miscellaneous industries sector.

African manager Contribution Time: 06-Sep-2018 05:42 (GMT)
African manager Last Update Time: 06-Sep-2018 05:42 (GMT)