Tunisia: BIAT increases profit by almost 5 MD

The interim financial statements of Biat (Arab International Bank of Tunisia) show a total balance sheet of 13,984,562 thousand TND and a net profit of the period amounting to 102,388 MTD.

The 1st local private bank, which holds the biggest capitalization of the sector and the second of all the stock market, showed a BNI of 576.738 MD and a NBI of 388.105 MD, up 59,6 MD compared to the 1st semester 2017, despite an increase of 67 MD of its operating expenses.

This will not prevent him from raising its profits by 4.8 MD.

African manager Contribution Time: 05-Sep-2018 05:22 (GMT)
African manager Last Update Time: 05-Sep-2018 05:22 (GMT)