Tunisia: Amen Bank sees NBI rise by 14.8%, net profit up 28%

AMEN BANK has completed a good first half of 2018. Its net banking income (NBI) rose to 189.4 million dinars (MD) at the end of the first 6 months of this year, + 24.4 MD more than last year at the same period, up 14.8%.

The increase in expenses, by 21%, to a level exceeding the rise in operating revenues, + 18%, did not therefore affect the dynamics of the institution’s results.

Operating income for its part posted 70.88 MD in the first half of 2018, plus 18.4 MD compared to last year, up 35.1%.

By deducting the amount allocated to the payment of the corporate tax, 5.9 MD for the first half of this year (2.5 MD last year), AMEN BANK is left with a net profit of 64.8 MD, up 28%.

African manager Contribution Time: 06-Sep-2018 05:45 (GMT)
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