Travel Insurance for Tourists Visiting Egypt to Become Compulsory

With the recent unexplained deaths of the British couple, John, 69 and Susan Cooper, 64 who died within hours last week during their holiday In Hurghada, it is expected to see some turbulence in the traveling procedures. Hence, the country might be releasing some rules for the tourists heading to the country.

Apparently, a travel insurance before being allowed into the country might be mandatory for all travelers visiting the country. However, Egypt is not the only country to be included in the compulsory travel insurance, the same debate is taking place in Thailand.

As for the current case, Thomas Cook, the travel firm that organized the British couple’s holiday, announced that the circumstances of their deaths are still unclear and there is “Currently no evidence” on the claims of being poisoned by carbon monoxide from the air conditioning system.

Al Bawaba Contribution Time: 10-Sep-2018 12:23 (GMT)
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