Trade Ministry: export duties on fresh, frozen fish extended for one year

Minister of Trade and Industry Amr Nassar has issued a decision to continue levying export duties on fresh and frozen Egyptian fish for an additional one year.

Under the decision, effective as of August 25, the imposed duties stand at EGP 12,000 on every ton of exported fresh or frozen fish.

Head of the foreign trade agreement sector of the Trade Ministry Amany el Wassal said the decision aims at meeting the needs of the local market and ensuring that fish is made available to citizens at affordable prices.

She pointed out that the minister issued in April 2017 a similar decision for four months, adding the decision was not applied on smoked and canned fish exported to the European Union due to the presence of rules that regulate exports to the European bloc.

The official pointed out that Egypt's production of fish in 2017 amounted to 1.8 million tons and is expected to hit 1.9 million by late 2018.

Egypt Today Contribution Time: 23-Aug-2018 10:23 (GMT)
Egypt Today Last Update Time: 23-Aug-2018 10:23 (GMT)