Saudi Aramco’s unit to receive five H145 aircraft

Riyadh – Mubasher: Milestone Aviation Group and Airbus Helicopters have announced that they will deliver five H145 aircraft to Aramco Overseas Company, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco.

The five helicopters deal will be added to another lease commitment contracted with Aramco concerning 24 medium aircraft Milestone, according to a company statement.

“Aramco’s trust in Milestone’s ability to deliver certainty of execution, coupled with our financial and technical capabilities, is greatly appreciated by our team,” Milestone’s president and CEO Daniel Rosenthal commented.

Sourced from Milestone’s orderbook with Airbus, the five aircraft are expected to be delivered to Aramco within a year.

“We also thank Milestone for enabling the introduction of the H145 to a new operator through their long-standing relationship with Aramco and their existing orderbook with Airbus,” Airbus Helicopters CEO Bruno Even said.

Mubasher Contribution Time: 11-Sep-2018 15:34 (GMT)
Mubasher Last Update Time: 11-Sep-2018 15:34 (GMT)