Louver Abu Dhabi among world’s 100 greatest places in 2018

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: The Time magazine has chosen Louver Abu Dhabi and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, the indoor amusement park in the UAE’s capital and biggest sheikhdom, among the world’s 100 greatest places for 2018.

The magazine described the 100 destinations as “breaking new ground, leading industry trends and offering visitors an extraordinary experience.”

Opened in 2017, Louver Abu Dhabi has turned the oil-rich emirate into a cultural capital.

The Time noted that the UAE has mostly channeled its spectacular wealth into spectacular structures, man-made islands, and signature skyscrapers, often built by migrant laborers working in dubious conditions.

Louver Abu Dhabi, which displays Monets and van Gogh's works, contains around 7,850 stars that do with light and shadow what palm trees do in a more traditional oasis.

As for Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, whose cost stood at $1 billion, is considered the world’s second largest indoor theme parks.

Spanning an area of 38 feddans (acres), the park is located in Abu Dhabi Yas Island, and it is designed to entertain all kinds of Warner Bros.

The list also includes Atlas Bar in Singapore, Eight Tables in the US, and the Lost Kitchen in Maine.

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