Kuwait ranks last among GCC states in Property Rights Index

Mubasher: Kuwait came in the last place among other countries in the GCC region in terms of international property rights for the year 2018, according to a recent report by the Washington-based Property Rights Alliance.

At the global level, Kuwait ranked the 62nd with a total of 5.491 points general, and 5.171 points in the political and law environment, and 6.822 points in the property rights index, and 4.479 points in the intellectual rights index, Al Qabas Newspaper reported, citing the report.

The UAE topped the Arab states in the property rights index, while it was the 21st worldwide. Qatar ranked the 25th globally.

Among the Arab countries, Yemen, Algeria, and Mauritania were amongst the last in the property rights index, Al Qabas noted.  

The International Property Rights Index underlines the values and principles related to individual liberty and economic freedom.

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