Health insurance sector grows 26 per cent annually

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) will host the 12th Middle East Conference for Health Insurance during September 24-25, 2018, with a large number of international experts expected to be in attendance. The opening session will be held under the auspices of Dr Ali Masoud al Sunaidi, Minister of Commerce and Industry. The event is being against a backdrop of robust growth in the health insurance sector – averaging 26 per cent over the past five years. Furthermore, health insurance premiums account for a 30 per cent share of total insurance premiums collected so far this year – a trend that is expected to surge as Oman prepares to introduce compulsory health care insurance for the private sector, as well as for tourists and visitors.
“This conference aims to highlight health insurance and its benefits, and to review regional and international experience in this field. It also seeks to introduce future visions towards best application for this type of insurance. Additionally, the conference aims to promote awareness and knowledge of the policyholders’ rights in order to provide high-quality health services,” said the CMA in a press statement. “Hosting this international conference, which is organized by the Middle East Insurance Review, is considered a great opportunity to learn and benefit from international and regional experiences on the regulation of the health insurance market, which now represents one of the means to provide appropriate health care and thus the ability to upgrade the quality of services,” it stated.
Taking part in the forum will be representatives of health insurance service providers, reinsurers and other industry stakeholders. A number of papers discussing healthcare insurance regulatory issues in the Middle East will be presented. There will also be presentations on international medical trends, the influence of technology on the health sector, role of national health insurance in achieving comprehensive health cover, and innovations in providing health care. The experiences of countries that have well-established health insurance systems will be discussed as well.

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