Halliburton Appoints New VP for Egypt, Libya

Halliburton has appointed Eng. Osama Halim the new Vice President Egypt & Libya, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

Osama Halim, whose previous position in the company was Egypt and Libya Area Manager for Management and Strategic Leadership, has more than 25 years of experience in the oil industry.

He graduated with Bachelor of Science from Al-Mansoura University in 1989. After joining Halliburton Egypt, Halim worked in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Algeria, Russia, Norway, Holland, the Gulf of Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, holding various strategic, technical and managerial positions.

Egypt Oil & Gas Contribution Time: 06-Sep-2018 10:55 (GMT)
Egypt Oil & Gas Last Update Time: 06-Sep-2018 10:55 (GMT)