Exports of top 20 non-petroleum commodities hit $1.52 bn in June

Egypt Today: Exports of Egypt's top 20 food and industrial commodities reached $1.52 billion in June, the General Organization for Import and Export Control (GOEIC) said in a report Sunday.

Gold exports topped the list of the 20 most exported commodities, followed by petroleum oils, monitors, perfume ingredients, suits, jackets and shirts.

Whereas nitrogenous fertilizers came 7th on the list of most exported industrial commodities followed by insulated wires, polyethylene and propylene polymers, alcoholics, film plates, polyacetals, polyethers and raw aluminum.

Meanwhile, Egypt's food exports amounted to $379 million by the end of June, topped by fresh and dried grapes, cheese, frozen vegetables, fruits, starch processing residue and wheat flour, the report noted.


Egypt Today Contribution Time: 29-Jul-2020 07:21 (GMT)
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