Expo 2020 Dubai competition calls for aspiring uniform designers

A new competition will give fashion designers based in the UAE a chance to create uniforms for over 30,000 Expo 2020 Dubai volunteers and staff, it was announced on Wednesday.

The uniforms – which will be worn every day of the six-month event – must incorporate elements of UAE culture, be weather appropriate, and easily identifiable yet modest.

Additionally, the uniforms must be designed using recycled or organic fabrics and zero waste concepts. According to the Expo officials, designs which take into account sustainable practices and supply chain innovations will be weighted more favourably.

“This competition is a valuable opportunity for designers in the UAE to showcase their talents to millions of people from across the globe,” said Rita Penteado, vice president, human resources, workforce and volunteers at Expo 2020 Dubai. “We are looking for a uniform that embodies the Emirati character and will represent the UAE on the world stage. It should also create a sense of pride and unity when worn by our volunteers and staff.”

“The uniform will be one of the most visible elements of Expo 2020 and we are excited to be able to offer such an enormous platform for designers in the UAE,” she added.

The competition is being run with the support of the Dubai Design District (d3), the Dubai Design and Fashion Council and Fashion Forward Dubai.

Entries will be judged by a committee consisting of senior members of the Expo 2020 Dubai team and supporting organisations.

The three finalists – which will be selected by September 30 – will receive AED 50,000 ($13,612) and will be asked to create samples of the full line, including top, bottom, outer jacket, hat, bag, tie, scarf, kandora, ghitra, abaya and Shayla, as well as an Expo 2020 accessory.

The winning designs will be announced in the fourth quarter of 2018.

“We have a distinct advantage in that the UAE community is diverse in background, experience and talent, and this is a chance for Expo 2020 to tap into this creative pool,” Penteado noted. “We want to engage the brightest and most creative minds in the local fashion industry and inspire them to design something truly unique for thousands of volunteers and staff who will help welcome the world to Expo every day for six months.”

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