Expats Can Own Real Estate Property in Kuwait Under Specific Rules

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) is getting ready to designate 90 monitors to the employment affairs departments in different public institutions and ministries to follow up implementation of the decisions and regulations of CSC, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources.

Sources revealed the CSC selected the monitors after a number of professional and administrative tests, pointing out the objective is to ensure strict compliance with CSC regulations.

Meanwhile, the CSC has started referring employees, who have been in service for 30 years or more, for retirement in line with the government’s policy on the compulsory retirement of workers whose service period reached 30 years or more.

Sources said the employees covered by the decision include directors, monitors and heads of departments; indicating the decision aims to give the younger generation a chance to prove their capabilities.

A number of public institutions have also taken this step, while some ministries whose functions are technical in nature decided to review lists of employees who completed 35 years service due to their urgent need for workers with technical experience, sources added.

The right to possess real estate properties in the country is limited to citizens – either usufruct or absolute ownership, reports Al-Anba daily quoting legal sources.

Sources disclosed there is a law that allows expatriates to possess one real estate property measuring 1,000 square meters maximum which should be used for private housing.

Sources said the laws in the home countries of the expatriates could be similar to that of Kuwait, so Kuwaitis are allowed to own real estate in those countries.

Sources explained any expatriate who wants to own real estate must have a valid residency permit, with substantial income, and has not been convicted of betrayal of trust or involved in a case related to honor. Sources disclosed the Ministry of Justice receives the expatriates’ applications for ownership of real estate, along with the required documents related to the applicant and his family.

Once the required documents are completed, the application will be referred to the minister of justice who, in turn, refers it to the Cabinet. The legal ministerial committee will review the application and a decree will then be issued approving the application if the requirements are met, sources added.

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