Euromoney Egypt 2018 kicks off Tuesday

Cairo – Mubasher: The 23rd Euromoney Egypt Conference 2018 will be launched on Tuesday, 4 September.

The two-day event will feature new speakers and fresh ideas to discuss the flexibility and adaptability of the Egyptian economy in the 21st centrury.

The conference will bring major international funds and overseas companies, along with the attendance of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) senior resident representative Reza Baqir, director Middle East and Africa Euromoney Conferences Victoria Behn, and Citi’s managing director and public sector sales head of MENA, Pakistan and Turkey David Aldred.

The economic event will also see the participation of Ashish Khanna and Aminur Rahman as representatives of the World Bank, as well as Malinne Blomberg, country manager at the African Development Bank.

The main theme of the conference this year is “Resilience and Agility”, as participants in the event will be discussing how resilient is the Egyptian economy, in addition to the innovative ideas, approaches, and projects in the North African country.

Moreover, a number of ministers and government officials will be taking part in the event, headed by finance minister Mohamed Maait.

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