Egypt has all potential to become gas marketing hub, Shell

Shell Egypt’ Vice Chairman Jasser Hantar said that Egypt has the potential to make it a gas marketing center, pointing out that the matter is not limited to infrastructure and new discoveries, but it is necessary to change the rules and regulations, which is currently being done by establishing an independent entity to regulate the gas market

Hantar added:” You may see that we will become the largest gas market soon, which will in turn lead to major investments in the research and exploration sector.”

He added that during the past years, the company has faced challenges in the field of human energy to become qualified in facing the market, which is not an option but a necessity, stressing that it is necessary to move forward in this program.

“We have flows in gas production, which is not simple but it is already happening now. There are new regulations to be issued soon, which is just the beginning.”

He explained that the program is a stage that has to be passed and what is implemented in human energy is good and needs time, stating that it is necessary to clarify the importance of the support received by the program from the ministry as well as the international companies’ interest.

 “In Shell, we have seen this transformation in several countries and we are happy for this dialogue and the exchange of visions between government and partners. This program creates a climate that welcomes change,” he concluded.

Almalnews Contribution Time: 15-Feb-2018 13:33 (GMT)
Almalnews Last Update Time: 15-Feb-2018 13:33 (GMT)

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