Egypt exports to Jordan 3.64B cubic meters of gas in 2019 through Arab Gas Pipeline

Egypt Today: Sources told Egypt Today that the amount exported by Edco Liquefaction Factory to Jordan through the Arab Gas Pipeline in 2019 is 3.64 billion cubic meters.

The sources added that the factory will export in 2021 30 shipments as per contracts with Shell and Total. The size of each shipment is 150,000 cubic meters.The sources said that the factory exported 50 shipments in 2019.

It is noted that in FY2018/2019, Edco Liquefaction Factory exported 172.8 billion cubic meters over 45 shipments.

For 2020, a shipment whose size is 150,000 cubic meters was exported in the last week of July. Another whose size is 140,000 cubic meters will be delivered in the last week of October.

Egypt Today Contribution Time: 21-Oct-2020 08:09 (GMT)
Egypt Today Last Update Time: 21-Oct-2020 08:09 (GMT)