Egypt allocates EGP275 bln to develop Sinai till 2022

The government has allocated up to  275 billion Egyptian pounds investments to  Sinai until the year 2022 according to Minister of Planning Hala Saeed.

She added that the State is adopting development plans that are aimed at enhancing the development of the provinces that did not have their fair share of development such as Sinai and Upper Egypt.

She added that development projects in Sinai will include fish farms and a nature lake along with an industrial zone and 10 new roads.

Also the projects include 15 hospitals and health units and upgrading 53 schools and universities, she added.

Five projects have been already implemented in the sector of land reclamation, she said, adding that 54 water projects are also carried out.

Amwal Al Ghad Contribution Time: 29-Aug-2018 15:02 (GMT)
Amwal Al Ghad Last Update Time: 29-Aug-2018 15:03 (GMT)