Egypt, IMF discuss progress in economic reform program

Public Business Sector Minister Hesham Tawfik discussed in a meeting on Thursday with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s permanent representative to Egypt, Reza Baqir, different aspects of cooperation and progress in the economic reform program implemented by the Egyptian government.

During the meeting, Tawfik reviewed ongoing efforts to rehabilitate the public business sector's companies and the ministry's action plan in the short and medium terms.

Also, the minister pointed out that the government has taken steps to start listing a number of the public business sector companies on the Egyptian stock exchange.

For his part, Baqir said that the IMF pays great attention to the ministry's plan to revamp the public business sector's companies through applying good governance in all aspects related to administration and management of resources.

He hailed achievements made by the Egyptian government as part of the economic reform program, stressing that the IMF is willing to provide technical advice for Egypt in this regard.

Egypt Today Contribution Time: 10-Sep-2018 10:43 (GMT)
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