Dubai retailer Union Coop spends $31m on 2018 promotions

Dubai retailer Union Coop has revealed that it has spent more than AED114 million ($31 million) since the start of 2018 on over 40 promotion campaigns to bring cheaper products to customers.

The company said that the total included AED75 million which was allocated towards the price reduction of more than 15,000 basic food and consumer products during the holy month of Ramadan.

Union Coop also said it also reserved a specific budget towards the support and service of the community to serve the country’s socio-economic goals.

Suhail Al Bastaki, director of Happiness and Marketing Department at Union Coop said: “In 2018, we increased the promotion campaigns by a huge 74 percent, with 40 unique campaigns compared to 23 in the year 2017.

"Our main aim is to offer maximum products to the customers at the best price while maintaining international standards for the satisfaction of our valued customers. We seek to reduce the burden on our citizens and residents through our promotions that are realistic and believable in nature and serves to the best of their needs.”

He said up to 250 items were included in each campaign with discounts of up to 90 percent.

Union Coop said it allocated more than AED12 million through various programs like Ghala – for newborns, MABROOK – for newly married, Tamkeen – for orphans, Kafou – for academically outstanding children, SA’ADA - for social welfare recipients, and Irada – for the people of Determination.

Arabian Contribution Time: 27-Aug-2018 10:26 (GMT)
Arabian Last Update Time: 27-Aug-2018 10:26 (GMT)