Dubai Land Department launches new property show

Dubai - Mubasher: The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has launched the Dubai Property Show (DPS) – Shanghai on Thursday.

Organised by the Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Centre (RESIMPC), the event see an attendance from a group of Dubai’s leading real estate, brokerage, and finance companies, according to an official statement.

“In these shows, we focus primarily on highlighting Dubai's strategic location and diversified economy — one of Dubai’s many features that have enabled it to be a hub for investors from all over the world,” assistant director general and head of RESIMPC Majida Ali Rashid commented.

DPS constitutes a part of a plan devised by the RESIMPC to organise a group of real estate shows and events.

“The DLD’s statistics show that our real estate market is receiving heightened interest from Chinese investors, with Dubai becoming a favourite property destination,” Rashid added.

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