Centena Group boosts regional presence with platform debut in Saudi Arabia

Mubasher: Dubai-based Centena Group has announced the launch of AtlabShoponline platform as an educational eCommerce platform in Saudi Arabia to promote a knowledge-based economy across the region while further solidifying its presence in the Middle East, according to a press release.

The multinational conglomerate and leading player in the field of science, engineering, education, and technology solutions will provide teachers and students access to exceptional educational resources such as AI, STEAM, coding, robotics, and sustainability.

AtlabShoponline platform is made under Centena Group’s educational solutions division and will utilise expertise and partnerships with leading global brands like LEGO, KUBO, Tello Drones, and Sphero.

The debut in the Saudi market is expected to strengthen Centena Group’s standing as a pioneer in technological solutions and educational innovation across the region.

Chairman and Managing Director of Centena Group, Sanjay Raghunath, said: “As a group, we are dedicated to advancing sustainable growth and development for companies and communities within the Middle East and beyond, as well as reshaping the future and transforming lives through innovation and technology.”

The AtlabShoponline platform already garnered interest from parents, educational institutions, and schools in the UAE. Meanwhile, the platform has received a resoundingly positive response, leading to higher demand from both institutions and parents.

Nilesh Korgaonkar, CEO of ATLAB, said: “Backed by a team of educational experts, ATLAB works with schools to successfully incorporate new ideas into their courses.”

Korgaonkar added: “The GCC region is evolving and diversifying as a knowledge-based economy to create more private sector jobs for a young and growing population. Aligning to this development and to boost employment and economy, ATLAB provides STEAM based education experiences that encourage students’ creativity, innovation, and critical thinking abilities as a STEAM.org accredited organisation.”


Mubasher Contribution Time: 23-May-2024 15:20 (GMT)
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