Canada, US most attractive to UAE property investors - Survey

Dubai – Mubasher: The UAE’s residents prefer to invest in properties, according to the annual YouGov survey, which was conducted by IP Global Company.

About 40% of the UAE’s residents are planning to invest in domestic real estate market, while 18% prefer overseas-based properties for investment, the survey showed.

Emiratis’ Investments in properties overcame those in stocks and bonds, as UAE’s properties investors grew 7% over the last six months, YouGov revealed.

With regard to the top overseas real estate markets for the UAE residents, 20% of them chose Canada, while 20%, 15%, and 12% selected the US, Germany, and Australia, respectively. 

"The results of our second YouGov study are extremely positive and indicate that more and more UAE residents are looking to purchase property in the next 12 months,” said Richard Bradstock, director and head of the Middle East at IP Global.

"North America continues to be an attractive market for the UAE residents, due to the impressive returns it offers investors, as shown by Chicago which has experienced a 36% increase in house prices in the last five years,” he concluded.

Mubasher Contribution Time: 14-Jan-2018 08:57 (GMT)
Mubasher Last Update Time: 14-Jan-2018 09:16 (GMT)

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