Bahrain tops GCC states as best destination for expats

Mubasher: Bahrain came in the first place among the Gulf countries to be the best destination for expatriates for the second year in a row, Saudi Gazette said, according to the Expat Insider ranking, the “InterNations and Expat Destinations 2018” report.

Bahrain scored first place among both male and female respondents, who showed they have few problems communicating even without local language skills, Saudi Gazette said.

“A staggering 72% indicated they have no problem at all. Considering Bahrain’s great results for friendliness (2nd out 0f 68) finding friends (2nd), as well as feeling at home (1st), it is first place in the Ease of Settling in index is hardly a surprise,” the report found.

According to the Expat Destinations 2018, many respondents said they don’t feel like expatriates, but at home in Bahrain.

Topping the Working Abroad Index, many respondents in Bahrain give their working hours (44%), job security (33%), or overall job satisfaction (39%) the best possible rating.

In Family Life Index, Bahrain ranked the 7th out of 50 countries, with expats raising children in the kingdom being particularly happy with the quality of education (3rd), as well as the availability of childcare and education (9th), Saudi Gazette added.

“No parent is dissatisfied with family life in general, and over nine in ten (95%) agree that the attitude towards families with children is generally friendly. However, 30% of parents do not regard education as easy to afford,” the report said, according to Saudi Gazette.

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