Bahrain seeks renovation contractor for 40 Isa Town homes

A tender has opened in Bahrain seeking a contractor to renovate approximately 40 homes for the Ministry of Housing (MoH) in Isa Town.

Issued by Eskan Bank, the construction tender has an initial bond of $2,652 (BHD1,000) that is valid for six months, and comes with a $132 (BHD50) fee.

The tender closes on 10 October, 2018, with bids to be opened on 11 October.

According to the tender, the contract’s execution period is four months. Bidders are required to enclose their bids for the initial bond amount, or at 1% of the tender value, whichever is lesser.

Additional details of the tender are available here.

Bahrain’s Government Action Plan (GAP) seeks to build 25,000 units across the country. GAP stems from a royal order to build 40,000 homes in the kingdom.

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