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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
CSE ADH Groupe Addoha (CSE) MAD 54.87 6,076,787
CSE CDM CDM (CSE) MAD 530.00 2,689,425
CSE CSR Cosumar (CSE) MAD 385.00 2,625,336
CSE ADI Alliances (CSE) MAD 128.00 1,734,802
CSE ATW Attijariwafa (CSE) MAD 440.00 1,406,300
CSE IAM Maroc Telecom (CSE) MAD 152.20 1,399,710
CSE SNP SNEP (CSE) MAD 300.00 1,216,970
CSE RDS Les Espaces Saad.. (CSE) MAD 226.15 1,067,563
CSE LES Lesieur Cristal (CSE) MAD 164.00 908,532
CSE BCP BCP (CSE) MAD 326.00 489,870
Ex-D. Date Company Type
29-Jan-2017 Mohandes Insurance Bonus Shares
Date Company Type
16-Feb-2017 Egypt South .. (EGX) Capital Increase
15-Feb-2017 Servicom SAR.. (TNTSE) Capital Increase
16-Jan-2017 Sanimed (TNTSE) IPO
30-Dec-2016 Société Offi.. (TNTSE) Capital Increase
29-Dec-2016 Misfat Filtr.. (TNTSE) IPO
27-Dec-2016 Arabian Rock.. (EGX) IPO
22-Dec-2016 Cairo Invest.. (EGX) Capital Increase
21-Dec-2016 Hassan Allam.. (EGX) IPO
Date Company Status
20-Feb-2017 Sucrerie Raffinerie de l'Orien.. In Progress
20-Feb-2017 Lafarge Cementos In Progress
10-Jan-2017 Flemming CIIC Securities Rumor
10-Jan-2017 Flemming Mansour Securities Rumor
21-Dec-2016 Middle East and North Africa S.. In Progress
20-Dec-2016 Macro Group Pharmaceuticals In Progress
09-Dec-2016 Viriphi Assessment Center Completed
06-Dec-2016 The International Union For In.. Offically Announced
06-Dec-2016 CI Capital Holding Rumor