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Saturday, December 3, 2016

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
PEX BRAVO Arab Palestinian.. (PEX) JOD 1.37 182,054
PEX APIC Arab Palestinian.. (PEX) USD 1.91 149,042
PEX PALTEL Palestinian Tele.. (PEX) JOD 5.05 110,994
PEX BOP Bank of Palestin.. (PEX) USD 2.57 69,347
PEX PADICO PADICO Holding (PEX) USD 1.15 22,506
PEX WATANIYA Wataniya Mobile (PEX) USD 0.86 10,300
PEX ELECTRODE Al Shark Electro.. (PEX) JOD 2.00 6,272
PEX AIB Arab Islamic Ban.. (PEX) USD 1.47 4,390
PEX PEC Palestine Electr.. (PEX) USD 1.30 1,300
PEX JPH Jerusalem Pharma.. (PEX) USD 1.68 1,096
No Future Corporate Actions
Date Company Type
05-Aug-2014 Palestinian .. (PEX) Capital Increase
08-Apr-2014 Ramallah Sum.. (PEX) Capital Increase
16-Dec-2013 Palestine Co.. (PEX) Capital Increase
16-Dec-2013 Global Unite.. (PEX) Capital Increase
08-Aug-2013 Ramallah Sum.. (PEX) Capital Increase
13-May-2013 Palestine In.. (PEX) Capital Increase
02-Dec-2012 The Arab Hot.. (ASE) Capital Increase
Date Company Status
03-May-2016 Palestine Commercial Bank Approved
05-Feb-2015 Bank Al Etihad - Palestine Offically Announced