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Sunday, April 23, 2017

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
PEX PADICO PADICO Holding (PEX) USD 1.10 4,859,264
PEX RSR Ramallah Summer .. (PEX) JOD 2.70 446,796
PEX JCC Jerusalem Cigare.. (PEX) JOD 0.99 445,342
PEX BOP Bank of Palestin.. (PEX) USD 2.49 189,630
PEX PALTEL Palestinian Tele.. (PEX) JOD 4.73 101,240
PEX PIIC Palestine Indust.. (PEX) JOD 2.20 87,500
PEX ISBK Palestine Islami.. (PEX) USD 2.15 76,157
PEX WATANIYA Wataniya Mobile (PEX) USD 0.93 74,219
PEX PID Palestine Invest.. (PEX) JOD 1.25 49,716
PEX QUDS Quds Bank (PEX) USD 1.47 29,819
Ex-D. Date Company Type
24-Apr-2017 Arab Palestinian Investment Co Cash Dividend
24-Apr-2017 Arab Palestinian Investment Co Bonus Shares
27-Apr-2017 Nablus Surgical Center Cash Dividend
30-Apr-2017 Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Co Cash Dividend
30-Apr-2017 Vegetable Oil Industries Co Ltd Cash Dividend
30-Apr-2017 The National Carton Industry Co Cash Dividend
03-May-2017 Beit Jala Pharmaceutical Company Cash Dividend
04-May-2017 Palestine Industrial Investment Co Cash Dividend
04-May-2017 Palestine Poultry Co Ltd Cash Dividend
08-May-2017 Ramallah Summer Resorts Co PLC Cash Dividend
Data Not Available
Date Company Type
05-Aug-2014 Palestinian .. (PEX) Capital Increase
08-Apr-2014 Ramallah Sum.. (PEX) Capital Increase
16-Dec-2013 Palestine Co.. (PEX) Capital Increase
16-Dec-2013 Global Unite.. (PEX) Capital Increase
08-Aug-2013 Ramallah Sum.. (PEX) Capital Increase
13-May-2013 Palestine In.. (PEX) Capital Increase
02-Dec-2012 The Arab Hot.. (ASE) Capital Increase
Date Company Status
03-May-2016 Palestine Commercial Bank Approved
05-Feb-2015 Bank Al Etihad - Palestine Offically Announced