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Thursday, February 23, 2017

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
TDWL 2010 Sabic (TDWL) SAR 98.00 62,901,187
TDWL 1150 Al Inma Bank (TDWL) SAR 14.70 60,404,895
TDWL 1120 Al Rajhi Bank (TDWL) SAR 65.00 36,032,781
TDWL 2330 Advanced (TDWL) SAR 47.50 31,479,334
TDWL 4300 Dar Al Arkan (TDWL) SAR 5.95 29,234,923
TDWL 2001 Chemanol (TDWL) SAR 7.75 24,696,255
TDWL 2130 SIDC (TDWL) SAR 11.90 20,770,056
TDWL 2370 Mesc (TDWL) SAR 8.75 20,019,433
TDWL 1810 Al Tayyar (TDWL) SAR 33.60 18,762,293
TDWL 6040 Tadco (TDWL) SAR 12.05 18,442,281
Ex-D. Date Company Type
23-Feb-2017 Al Ahlia Cooperative Insurance Reducing Shares
26-Feb-2017 Qassim Cement Cash Dividend
28-Feb-2017 Yamama Cement Co Cash Dividend
01-Mar-2017 Jarir Marketing Cash Dividend
08-Mar-2017 Advanced Petrochemical Cash Dividend
09-Mar-2017 Solidarity Saudi Takaful Reducing Shares
13-Mar-2017 Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Co Bonus Shares
13-Mar-2017 Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Co Cash Dividend
15-Mar-2017 Yanbu National Petrochemical Cash Dividend
20-Mar-2017 Al Rajhi Bank Cash Dividend
Date Company Type
26-Feb-2017 Raydan Co (TDWL) IPO
26-Feb-2017 Al Omran Ind.. (TDWL) IPO
26-Feb-2017 Baazeem Trad.. (TDWL) IPO
26-Feb-2017 Alsamaani Fa.. (TDWL) IPO
26-Feb-2017 Development .. (TDWL) IPO
26-Feb-2017 Abdullah Saa.. (TDWL) IPO
26-Feb-2017 Arab Sea Inf.. (TDWL) IPO
13-Feb-2017 Thob Al Asee.. (TDWL) IPO
Date Company Status
-- Al Sagr Cooperative Insurance Rumor
09-Feb-2017 Elixir Management Consultancy Completed
07-Feb-2017 Amjad Qurtoba Private Schools Completed
02-Feb-2017 Tagat Technical Contracting Offically Announced
26-Jan-2017 The Saudi Power Transformers C.. Offically Announced
22-Jan-2017 Saudi Petrochemical In Progress
17-Jan-2017 Sale Advanced Co Ltd Completed
11-Jan-2017 International Medical Center Completed
09-Jan-2017 Al Aqeeq Real Estate Developme.. In Progress