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Thursday, February 23, 2017

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
BK AGLTY`R AGLTY (BK) KWD 0.6100 8,918,646
BK ZAIN`R ZAIN (BK) KWD 0.4800 6,815,465
BK AUB`R AUB (BK) KWD 0.2380 4,272,008
BK NBK`R NBK (BK) KWD 0.7300 4,085,600
BK KFIN`R KFIN (BK) KWD 0.6100 4,032,522
BK NRE`R NRE (BK) KWD 0.1120 3,699,900
BK KIB`R KIB (BK) KWD 0.2440 3,598,070
BK ALIMTIAZ`R ALIMTIAZ (BK) KWD 0.1860 3,418,416
BK REMAL`R REMAL (BK) KWD 0.0710 2,840,328
Ex-D. Date Company Type
02-Mar-2017 GFH Financial Group (B.S.C.) Cash Dividend
02-Mar-2017 GFH Financial Group (B.S.C.) Bonus Shares
06-Mar-2017 Inovest BSC Cash Dividend
09-Mar-2017 Gulf Bank of Kuwait Cash Dividend
12-Mar-2017 National Bank of Kuwait Cash Dividend
13-Mar-2017 Boubyan Bank Cash Dividend
19-Mar-2017 Kuwait International Bank Cash Dividend
13-Apr-2017 Gulf Cement Co Cash Dividend
16-Apr-2017 Fujairah Cement Industries Co Cash Dividend
Date Company Type
13-Feb-2017 Independent .. (BK) Capital Increase
08-Jan-2017 Shamal Al Zo.. (BK) IPO
15-Dec-2016 Ajwan Gulf R.. (BK) Capital Increase
27-Oct-2016 Kuwait Cable.. (BK) Capital Increase
03-Jul-2016 National Ban.. (BK) Capital Increase
09-Mar-2016 Kuwait Oil T.. (BK) IPO
09-Mar-2016 Kuwait Petro.. (BK) IPO
03-Feb-2016 Equate Petro.. (BK) IPO
Date Company Status
01-Feb-2017 National Petroleum Services Due Diligence
28-Dec-2016 Kuwait Food - Americana Completed
22-Dec-2016 Al Waseet Financial Business C.. In Progress
30-Nov-2016 Gulf Paramount for Electrical .. Completed
20-Oct-2016 Kuwait Food - Americana Completed
19-Oct-2016 Warba Bank Offically Announced
17-Oct-2016 Nafais Holding Completed
08-Sep-2016 Tadawul Global for Purchase an.. Approved
04-Sep-2016 KFIC Financial Brokerage Failed