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Thursday, February 23, 2017

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
BSE AUB Ahli United (BSE) USD 0.795 961,007
BSE BARKA Al Baraka Bankin.. (BSE) USD 0.500 150,350
BSE SEEF Seef (BSE) BHD 0.230 147,695
BSE BHOTEL Gulf Hotels (BSE) BHD 0.615 114,438
BSE BATELCO Batelco (BSE) BHD 0.282 113,692
BSE NASS NASS (BSE) BHD 0.144 99,642
BSE SALAM Al Salam Bank (BSE) BHD 0.114 89,429
BSE BBK BBK (BSE) BHD 0.382 62,737
BSE ITHMR Ithmaar Holding (BSE) USD 0.195 60,490
BSE BNH BNH (BSE) BHD 0.420 26,364
Ex-D. Date Company Type
02-Mar-2017 GFH Financial Group BSC Cash Dividend
02-Mar-2017 GFH Financial Group BSC Bonus Shares
09-Mar-2017 Al Salam Bank Cash Dividend
09-Mar-2017 National Bank of Bahrain Cash Dividend
09-Mar-2017 National Bank of Bahrain Bonus Shares
16-Mar-2017 Bahrain Maritime and Mercantile International Cash Dividend
23-Mar-2017 Esterad Investment Cash Dividend
26-Mar-2017 Bahrain Islamic Bank Cash Dividend
27-Mar-2017 Arab Banking Corporation Cash Dividend
Date Company Type
07-Dec-2016 Khaleeji Com.. (DFM) IPO
22-Mar-2016 Falcon Cemen.. (BSE) IPO
14-Dec-2015 Bahrain Isla.. (BSE) Capital Increase
11-Jan-2015 Gulf Interna.. (TDWL) IPO
11-Jan-2015 Gulf Interna.. (BSE) IPO
04-Dec-2014 Zain Bahrain.. (BSE) IPO
26-May-2014 APM Terminal.. (BSE) IPO
27-Mar-2014 Bahrain Tour.. (BSE) Capital Increase
Date Company Status
20-Feb-2017 Takaful International In Progress
27-Dec-2016 Al Ahlia Insurance Co BSC Completed
26-Dec-2016 Khaleeji Commercial Bank BSC Completed
12-Dec-2016 Falcon Cement BSCc Completed
12-Dec-2016 Yum Yum Tree Food Court Co Completed
17-Nov-2016 Solidarity General Takaful BSC.. Offically Announced
18-Oct-2016 The Muharraq Mall Co WLL Completed
21-Sep-2016 Intigral Holding BSCc Offically Announced
22-Aug-2016 Bank Alkhair BSCc Due Diligence