Tunisia: BNA announces record net profit of 198.5 million dinars in 2017

The “Banque Nationale Agricole” (BNA) has just published its individual and consolidated financial statements for the 2017 financial year.

The Bank has recorded a sharp increase in its net profit which reached 198.6 million dinars against 140 million in 2016, i.e. a growth of 41.8%.

During the 2017 financial year, the bank sold 5.417.780 shares held in the SFBT’s capital for a sale price of 100.160 million dinars.

The capital gain realized by the bank following this sale transaction is of the order of 95.9 million dinars.

For this purpose, bank operating income showed a significant increase of 20.4% to 812.8 million dinars against 674.8 million a year earlier.

As for operating expenses, they rose from 296 million dinars at the end of December 2016 to 368.5 million at the end of last December, registering an increase of 24.5%.

BNA thus saw its Net Banking Income (BNP) increase by 17.3% to reach a record level of 444.3 million dinars against 378.8 million a year earlier.

Likewise, operating income increased by 51.5% to 234 million dinars against 154.4 million in 2016.

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